Pool Car Service

This is a dedicated service to the different departments of an organisation. Vehicles are attached to the company on a daily basis and used by designated officers. The benefits of this scheme are as follows:

  1. The company will always have vehicles for daily official movements.
  2. The company can always budget department vehicle requirements on a daily/weekly basis.
  3. No financial outlay for vehicle purchase is required, AVIS will supply vehicle, chauffeur, statutory papers, insurances etc
  4. Fueling / parking tickets / toll fares will be borne by the company.
  5. The company will only pay for usage.
  6. The company's overheads in terms of chauffeurs salaries will be eliminated.
  7. The daily rental payment can be considered as an operating expense, charged against profits as a deduction for tax purposes. (Tax Benefit).
  8. A monthly management reports from AVIS fleet services will provide accurate fleet efficiency information and movements of vehicles if required by management of the company.
  9. AVIS Nigeria's core function is managing fleets and has the required logistics to co-ordinate and support the process.

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