IN 2006, Turtles Car services Limited, an indigenous Nigeria car rental company that commenced operations in February 2005 was issued a license to operate the Avis rent a car fleet management and truck service for the territory of Nigeria.

Our Value proposition mainly centres on who we are and what we do, because at Avis "We try harder" to make everything about car rentals as simple and transparent as possible; while providing excellent service and great value for money'

Our "Pioneer Spirit" philosophy means we put customer satisfaction first and that we constantly strive to find ways to improve both our products and services.

AVIS's truly international network ensures that no matter where you are in the world, the chances are that there ia an Avis operator nearby to provide you with top quality cars and fast, efficient and friendly service.


  1. We are a leading global rental company
  2. We have over 10,000 rental locations in approximately 175 countries
  3. We are commited to higher standards of safety
  4. Our cars are carefully maintained and checked between each rental
  5. For over 60 years, we've enjoyed an out standing reputation for service and have over 150 customer service departments worldwide


Our business objectives are as follows;
  1. To carry out business as one of the major car rental and auto leasing companies in Nigeria, with a core competency in fleet management services.
  2. To provide quality and affordable products and services to our customers.

Our management team believes that for a business to remain successful, it is necessary to be innovative and flexible, to accomodate varying customer needs.

To this end, a timely response period and attention to any customer service is essential, for a car rental company to be successful in this sector

To ensure a high level of accountability, the board has appointed credible personnel to the management team to ensure a high level of accountability and corporate governance

The company has in place a 'Management Accountability structure' that assures on-going implementation and progress on critical issues and is properly placed to deliver innovative products and services. appropriate controls at both the Board and management levels are maintained to ensure the quality of products and services as well as compliance with all regulations

The company has maintained a small but focused technology savvy management team comprising of multi-skilled professionals with diverse experience and knowledge to drive and manage the affairs of the business.

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