Chauffeur Service

Avis Chauffeur Services

We provide well trained, uniformed and professional chauffeurs who will meet your needs in the areas of defensive driving, car maintenance, fuel management, good knowledge of road networks, journey management and customer services.

Avis Nigeria Chauffeur Services take off the burden of recruiting, training and management of chauffeurs while you concentrate on the core of your business.


The process of outsourcing present chauffeurs to AVIS will involve the following process:
  1. The company will provide a detail list of the data of all the chauffeurs to be absorbed by AVIS
  2. The employment conditions for the chauffeurs will be dictated by the management of DV to AVIS as it relates to salaries and benefits
  3. AVIS Nigeria will advice for a slight increment in the present salary structure, this will allays fears on the part of the present chauffeurs that they will not be at a disadvantaged when absorbed by AVIS Nigeria
  4. AVIS Nigeria will issue employment letters stating the terms and condition of the job.
  5. Each chauffeur will be advised of the key performance indices as it relates to the job, how accident free bonus is awarded at the end of every year, commendation is given for outstanding chauffeurs etc
  6. Uniforms will be provided by the management of AVIS
  7. Periodic training will be given to the chauffeurs in the area of security and safety.


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